Exhibition "Pau Casals and the Exile"

05/10/2007  - 16/01/2008

Exhibition "Pau Casals and the Exile" This exhibition seeks to spread the acquaintance with Pau Casals as an example of a great figure of exile, shedding light on this facet of his life as an activist and a person deeply engaged with the cause of freedom and democracy.

Presenting numerous unpublished documents, the exhibition makes a survey of Pau Casals’ period of exile (1939-1973), covering everything from the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, through Casals’ efforts to aid the refugees, his constant struggle and clear stance against dictatorships, his involvement in the Catalan exile, his defence of Catalonia, and his fight for peace and liberty, to the return of his mortal remains to his homeland in 1979.

The exhibition project has been carried out by the Pau Casals Foundation in conjunction with the Institute for Peace and the Democratic Memorial of the Catalan Government’s Department of Home Affairs and Institutional Relations.

Supplementing the exhibition are a cycle of conferences at the Vil·la Casals and a concert cycle at the Pau Casals Auditorium of El Vendrell.

For further information and reservations, call 977 684 276 or download the informative leaflet.

Foundation Pau Casals

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Museum: +34 977 684 276
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